After loses in the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump must lead the Republican Party to win back significant portions of female electorate in order to secure a second term. This is no doubt a complex undertaking given female voters make-up some of the president’s most passionate base as well as some of his harshest critics.

Kicking off his campaign efforts, Lara Trump officially launched the Women for Trump initiative this week. The effort will focus on recruiting the President’s female supporters and grow that support by arming them with information related to his successful record on the economy, healthcare, education, the environment and safety.  This strategy is based on the understanding that female voters care more about results than emotionally-charged rhetoric that tends to dominate the discussion around women by members of the extreme left.

After just two and a half years it’s already easier to get a job, afford daily necessities like gas, groceries, and prescriptions, and feel safe in this dangerous world. Long-term projections of the president’s policies have proved that these positive outcomes are only beginning, so for women who are also moms, the outlook for our children is even brighter.

The economy is booming thanks to a strategic deregulatory agenda paired with the President’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Cutting back red tape has saved our nation’s economic drivers like small businesses, manufacturers and farmers $33 billion while preserving important public protections.

The president’s tax cuts have produced a wide-range of benefits for Americans, including the 100% increase in the Child Tax Credit that has saved working moms and dads a total of $104 billion. With lower taxes, wages are rising and optimism has been reinstated across the markets. This has spurred increased investment creating six million jobs, which has led to historically low unemployment for women.

Despite congressional set-backs at the start of his administration, the President has been working to fulfill his promise to provide better, more affordable healthcare options. He started by eliminating the Obamacare individual mandate penalty and has pressured drug companies to reduce drug prices by increasing transparency in their advertisements while also lifting “gag clauses” that previously prevented pharmacists from telling patients the best deals for the medications they need.

On the education front, President Trump has expanded school choice so families can find the best education for their children. When it comes to the environment, our air, water and communities are much cleaner today than ever before. Environmental protective actions taken under President Trump like streamlining the process for reviewing our nation’s air standards will continue these trends.

For any Moms worried about climate change, the United States leads the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Rarely reported is the fact that the Trump Administration was the first to ever lock-in legally sound greenhouse gas emission standards that will take our nation’s coal-fired power plants into an even cleaner, more environmentally friendly future.

Beyond his stellar record on issues women really care about, President Trump has elevated more women to positions of prominence in the White House and across the entire administration than his Democrat and Republican predecessors. Today, half of his reelection campaign staff are women. Most importantly, these female professionals were not elevated because they are women, but rather because they are successful strategists, economists, communicators and legal advisors who happen to be women. One does not have to ascribe to checking the boxes of identity politics to create diversity. As President Trump has shown, it can exist simply by seeking out the best and the brightest.

A recent poll by the Center for Responsive Politics found that during the first three months of 2019, more women gave to President Trump than any other Democrat candidate. In fact, more women gave to President Trump than any of the female presidential candidates combined.

President Trump’s proven results on the economy, education, safety, healthcare and the environment are why many women already support him with both their efforts and pocketbooks. The Woman for Trump initiative will be key driver in helping this female momentum grow.


Mandy Gunasekara is a Senior Contributor for Y’all Politics and the Mississippi Chair of Maggie’s List.  She previously served as a Senior Official to President Trump in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.