Wednesday, candidates for Governor, Jim Hood and Bill Waller released new tv ads in correlation with their campaigns. This is Hood’s first television ad of the election cycle. Later this week, Repubican Robert Foster also came out with an ad later in the week.

The ad by Hood entitled “A Day in the Life” depicts the Governor hopeful in his daily routines as Attorney General. The ad focuses on Hood’s character, 16-year record as AG and campaign promises.

The transcript for the ad is below:


Fix the bush hog. Reload ammunition. Take care of the land. Church on Sunday.

And work hard–all across Mississippi.

Crack down on child pornographers. Attack cybercrime. Take on BP to clean our coast. Deliver three billion dollars to taxpayers from big insurance and scam artists. 

Combat domestic violence.

And at the end of the day, thank God for family and for the chance to help others.

Bill Waller’s ad is not his first in the cycle. This ad focuses on supporting teachers and students.

This new television ad, titled “Schools”, is the fifth ad released by the campaign in the Republican primary election. The Waller campaign will continue to focus on the critical issues facing Mississippi’s economy including rebuilding our roads and bridges, saving rural health care, supporting our teachers with a pay raise and better preparing high school students with workforce training opportunities for the future.

Transcript below:

“The future of Mississippi’s economy starts with having an educated workforce,” Waller says in the ad. “That means supporting our teachers with higher salaries—and not just in election years. And it means bringing more job training skills to high school students who don’t go to college so they’re prepared to get a good job. Mississippi has the lowest paid teachers in America and the shortage of teachers is reaching a crisis level. We’ve got to do better. I’m running for Governor to make education a top priority because leadership matters,” Waller concludes in the ad.

Robert Foster’s campaign released a 30-second digital ad titled, “Principles”. The video highlights his wife’s view of Foster’s principles and faith.
The new video is part of a series of statewide digital ads highlighting him as political outsider, business and conservative background in Mississippi’s Gubernatorial Primary this August.