He may not be getting much play in the mainstream press, but the promise of real, radical change for Mississippi has emerged from the shadows.

Gregory “Movie Star, Rock and Roll Governor” Wash made his commercial debut on the YouTube page of WJTV 12 on July 16 and has garnered over 4,000 views.

Aligning politically with the Democratic heavyweights such as Warren, AOC and Uncle Bernie, Wash made the following promises:

  • Every Mississippian will receive a $5,000 stimulus package
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Help Seniors, Veterans, and Homeless
  • Fund public college and transportation in every county
  • Eliminate Student Debt
  • Make Marijuana a Misdemeanor
  • Stop Illegal Roadblocks

Wash artistically reached out to audiences of all ages with this commercial. Deviating from the typical look of a buttoned-down Southern politician, Wash took a more relatable approach, speaking into the head of a Barbie doll, and later donning what appeared to be a collection of hairbows belonging to a young child. However, an attempt to reach an older audience was made, as he performed a dance one would find at the high school prom in 1956.

Wash considers the Mississippi of tomorrow, as made evident by his hit single playing in the video, “Mississippi is the future.”

The commercial is rating well with its audience, gaining comments such as “hell yeah mississipppppiiiiii !!!! Dis guy fo prezident too” and “Yasss.”

Wash is running against Democrats Michael Brown; William Bond Compton; Jim Hood
Robert Ray; Robert Shuler Smith; Velesha P. Williams and Albert Wilson for the Democratic nomination for Governor on August 6th.