Tom King is running for reelection as Transportation Commissioner in the Southern District. He is the only current Transportation Commissioner that is running for his seat again.

“I am the only one if reelected that will be coming back and I have the experience and I know MDOT,” said King.

King said the main issues MDOT is facing are funding and safety. He said personnel are often injured on the job from drivers not adhering to construction zone speed limits.

“Please drive safely and obey the signs and the laws,” said King.

He believes in order to continue to improve infrastructure MDOT needs to keep working closely with Legislature in order to create a plan for moving forward. He is encouraged with the Lottery and the proposed $80 million allotted to MDOT annually to help solve these problems.

“We just hope the lottery will get to the $80 million,” said King. “We will do the best we can with the circumstances that we have.” He said if reelected he plans to continue to work closely with them for the means to fund these projects to make roads safer.

MDOT is responsible for only state and federal highways, but with a budget of of $1 billion, many of those dollars go to counties and cities.

“My experience coming back will be an asset to the commission,” said King.”I will be the only one who will come back if I’m reelected with two new commissioners.”

He emphasized the importance of all working together, commissioners, civilians, and lawmakers, to improve transportation in the state.

This is King’s first term as Southern District Transportation Commissioner. He served in Legislature as a Representative from 1993 until 1999. Then in 2000, he was elected to the Senate. He served as the Chairman of the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee during that time.

King is also a Veteran of the Vietnam War, having served as an Air Policeman in the Air Force. He was born in Hattiesburg and attended the University of Southern Mississippi and graduated with a bachelor of Science.