The 2019 Neshoba County Fair kicks off today.

The fair began in the 1890’s and shortly after it’s origin became one of the premier political events in the state. Along with food, attractions, and cabins to stay in, the fair provides a platform for political candidates to talk to the public. With this being a major statewide elections year, it is expected to be a busy one.

While the fair begins today, speeches won’t start till next Tuesday, July 30. Starting at 8:55 that morning fair goers will hear from local politicians running for sheriff, supervisor, and constable. 

On Wednesday, July 31, you’ll be able to catch some officials from statewide races. Those names include but are not limited to: Mike Chaney, Andy Gipson, Jay Hughes, Delbert Hosemann, Willie Simmons, Michael Watson and Sam Britton.

Thursday, August 1, will conclude the political speeches with the rest of the large statewide races. Kicking off at 8:40 a.m. you’ll hear from candidates for governor, treasurer, and attorney general.


Marquee Matchups

With the primary less than a week after the Fair, this will likely be the last big news event that candidates for statewide office will get.  So you can bet that there will be candidates looking to “make noise” at the Fair.  The Governor and Lt. Governor have both reached the end of their terms and Mississippians will have new office holders for those positions.  Governor Phil Bryant will be giving his last official address at the Fair this year.

Both Tate Reeves and Jim Hood have primary challengers in the gubernatorial race, and while they will likely focus their speeches at each other, their primary challengers (namely Bill Waller and Robert Foster on the Republican side and Robert Shuler Smith and Velesha Williams on the Democratic side) will be taking shots at the presumptive front-runners.

Look for sparks in speeches from candidates for Secretary of State and Attorney General, on the Republican side.  Both races have had increasing amounts of attention.

Experts often look at the number of signs, the number of volunteers/supporters and the general activity level of candidates at the Fair to assess campaign organization.

Y’all Politics will be providing the best political coverage in Mississippi on Wednesday and Thursday from Founder’s Square Pavilion. Stay tuned next week on Facebook and Twitter.  We will be using the hashtags #NCF and #NCF2019.