Andy Gipson speaking at the Neshoba County Fair on his run for Ag & Commerce Commissioner, a position he already holds.

As his first words combating his Democratic opponent, Rickey Cole, Gipson said: “there’s a lot of hot air on this stage, let’s clear it out.” 

Moments before, Cole called for Mississippi to roll back to some of the “good ol’ days” when it came to agriculture policy.

“We want Mississippi Agriculture to be stronger than it was, not like it was, but stronger than it ever was,” said Gipson. 

According to Commissioner Gipson, the farm is still the number one part of Mississippi’s economy. 29% of Mississippi’s workers are on the agriculture workforce. 

“It’s the only industry that God designed,” said Gipson. 

Gipson acknowledged that South Delta farmers are facing some of the largest struggles they ever have faced due to flooding. 

He also brought attention to Victoria Darden, in attendance to bring awareness to the Finish the Pumps movement, leading the crowd in saying “tell Washington, finish the pumps now!” 

Gipson gave his booth at the Mississippi Wildlife Federation Extravaganza to Darden to spread her message. 

Shooting back at a mention from Cole, Gipson said international trade with “friend” countries is creating jobs. For instance, other countries are buying Mississippi timber which Gipson said is “as thick as the hair on the cat’s back.” 

Gipson then fired at Cole again, bringing attention to his leadership in the Mississippi Democratic Party, and then his role in the DNC supporting Hillary Clinton.