Brent Bailey, who is running as a Republican for Central District Public Service Commissioner, spoke at Neshoba County fair on why he deserves the vote.

He calls himself the only true Republican candidate. To show he meant businesses when it comes to becoming the next PSC Central Commissioner, Bailey took precedence to ban robocalls in his campaign. 

If elected, Bailey said he will aim to work for efficient, affordable, safe utilities. 

PSC is an important economic driver, creating jobs essential to health, safety, and comfort. They must be regulated for the benefit of the rate-paying consumer.  

Bailey cited his experience as a qualification for this job as he has been promoting new technologies with the PSC since 2009. 

“Opponents focus on what they will do,” said Bailey. “I can tell you what I have done.”

Bailey said he:

  • Helped save money
  • Promoted transparency at PSC 
  • Spoke against PR events being funded by taxpayer money
  • Served as an intervener in the no-call rule 

“I am tested, I am proven, and I’m ready to work for you,” said Bailey. “The Public Service Commission is not a place for on the job training.” 

“I will be your full-time consumer. I will stand for transparency,” said Bailey. ” (I’m) the only conservative. If that matters to you…. I humbly ask for your vote.”