Nic Lott, a Republican candidate for Central District Public Service Commissioner spoke at the 2019 Neshoba County Fair on Wednesday.

He reminisced on his last trip to Neshoba, which was during Governor Barbour’s run.  Lott said he worked on the Coast during recovery post-Katrina, which gave him unique insight on the operations of utilities in the state. 

Lott said no part of the state’s economy is untouched by the Public Service Commission

“Economic development is something that I’m very passionate about,” said Lott. 

The PSC hopeful said that the Central District is not a Republican-leaning district. 

“Give me the ball…. I want to score a touchdown for Republicans.”  Lott said Governor Bryant urged him to run. Trent Lott, Barbour, Roger Wicker, Governor Bryant all endorsed. 

“My candidacy is the best shot to retake the commission in November.” 

His platform is built on expanding broadband, getting rid of scam calls, and continuing fair rates. 

“We need to be equipping students with the proper tools to succeed all around the state.”