Ryan Brown is endorsed by Cecil Brown to be the next Central District PSC commissioner.

Ryan Brown is running for Central District Public Service Commission. He spoke to guests at the 2019 Neshoba County Fair.

The first thing Brown does as he reaches the podium is he gives a shout out to Cecil Brown. “He has been a father-like figure to me.” Ryan Brown served as Cecil Brown’s deputy commissioner. 

Brown said he was inspired to run by the people of Mississippi. 

“It’s the thousands of Mississippians that I’ve spoken to all over this state that I have inspired me.” 

Brown has one focus: To restore people’s trust in PSC. He said getting on the ground level over the last few years instead of just in election years has given him a kickstart toward that goal. 

“Far too many people worry about how they’re going to pay their light bill and stay cool in Mississippi’s hot summers. This is unacceptable in the world’s most profitable nation.” 

Brown said if elected, he’d be working to re-negotiate contracts on the local level to put savings toward infrastructure. He also wants to improve cell phone service by holding cell phone service providers accountable when they advertise “the best coverage” but people deal with dropped calls and low service. 

“If you go to school on your phone and your phone doesn’t work, you can’t go to class….. I’ve had people tell me their children were not able to call 911 after a car accident.” 

To Brown, cell phone service is a matter of life and death. 

Overall, Brown was to focus on improving infrastructure.  “We cannot and will not kick this can down this pothole-filled road anymore.”

The PSC hopeful said he wants a better Mississippi for young people to be able to stay here and have a successful life and for Mississippi to become known as a state that champions technology.