Candidates for State Treasurer David McRae, Buck Clarke and Addie Lee Green spoke at the Neshoba County Fair on Thursday.

David McRae touts his endorsements and business acumen as qualifications for State Treasurer. 

McRae said he’s endorsed by Governor Phil Bryant, 30 county Trump party leaders, and others. 

The McRae Family is known for investments and the old department store. 

McRae said he’s looking to make Mississippi a better place to work, live, and thrive. 

“I won’t guard the piggybank. I will grow what’s in the piggy bank,” said McRae.

“We need to make Mississippi a better place for the future and kids now.”

Buck Clarke, an accountant for 40 years, said he brings real experience that is relevant to the position of State Treasurer. The last 8 of the last 16 years, Clarke has as the head of the appropriations as part of his experience. 

“We’re going to have over half a billion dollars in the rainy day fund,” said Clarke. “Remember, Mississippi matters.” 

The better financial shape the state is in, the more money saved, which can be put toward public education, infrastructure, etc. 

“I’ve actually been the author of the treasurer’s office of the appropriations bill for the treasurer’s office,” said Clarke.

The longtime Senator emphasized that no on-the-job training was needed, which is imperative in today’s economy.

“We have jobs looking for people,” said Clarke. “We have lots of work to do, but the Republican leadership driving this ship can get it in the right direction.”

Democratic candidate for State Treasurer Addie Lee Green said she’s running because it’s time for money to no longer being mismanaged.

“It’s time to stop rewriting arithmetic,” said Green. “It’s time for Mississippi and America to stop handling our money and calling it ‘shortfall’.”

Green said she has expansive service experience dating back to the Civil Rights Era, especially working with young people.

“I’m asking you to vote for me because I can teach young folks how to own a piggy bank,” said Green.

The candidate said she’d work with the legislature to make sure that moneymaking decisions are made by the taxpayers.. but it would take a movement.

“If you can’t drive to the polls, walk to the polls. And if you can’t wobble to the polls, slide to the polls,” said Green.