Written by AFP Action Senior Advisor Trey Dellinger

Congratulations to AFP Action’s endorsed legislative candidates. Reps. Joel Bomgar, Dan Eubanks, Steve Hopkins, Jason White, and Jason Barnett all won their primaries. Jeremy England finished 54 votes out of first place in his Senate Dist. 51 election and has the momentum headed into the Aug. 27 runoff.

These showings are a credit to the candidates and their families and to our AFP Action team and activists who worked hard to get them across the finish line last night.

Reps. Joel Bomgar, Dan Eubanks, and Steve Hopkins, who won their primaries last night, fight for the interests of the folks who go to work every day and those who desperately want an opportunity to do that. They fight for hard-working families and are an asset to their communities. These legislators consistently say “no!” to the special interests who leverage their influence and carve out sweetheart deals at the expense of Mississippians.

Rep. Jason White and Sen. Juan Barnett are true leaders who have shown their willingness to work with anyone to do good. They challenge the polarization and posturing that is crippling our ability to solve problems. Other legislators respect them because they go the extra mile. And, more importantly, legislators across party lines trust them because they’re not afraid to listen to and work with those who may not agree with them on everything. They know that solving big problems requires building broad, diverse coalitions and that’s why AFP Action is proud to support them.

Thanks for your hard work in the cause of freedom!