Representative Mark Baker of Rankin County, who barely missed the Attorney General runoff mark by one point, has announced his support for Andy Taggart. Between Baker and Taggart, they amassed 56% of the vote for Attorney General against Lynn Fitch in the primary.

“I endorse and support Andy Taggart in the August 27 run-off election for the Republican nomination for Attorney General,” wrote Baker, chairman of the House Judiciary A Committee.

Rep. Mark Baker endorses Andy Taggart for Attorney General

“I respect Mark Baker’s honorable service in the Legislature, and thank him for his professional and courteous campaign,” said Taggart. “I am humbled and honored by his endorsement. As a former prosecutor, I know that Chairman Baker recognizes the importance of electing an experienced courtroom attorney to protect the interests of people of Mississippi.”

“I look forward to meeting Mark’s supporters on the campaign trail over the next two weeks, and to earning their confidence and votes on August 27. I had the privilege of seeing Mark and his family members very frequently on the campaign trail as he and I went head to head in the race, and I fully understand how he was able to earn the support of nearly 100,000 people around our state. He spoke to many of the very issues that are important to Karen and me, and we believe we have a compelling case to make to Mark’s supporters that I am now the best-qualified candidate to serve as our state’s top law enforcement official and top lawyer,” Taggart concluded.

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Andy Taggart for Attorney General