WTOK – Baker throws support to Taggart for runoff

Mark Baker endorses Andy Taggart in Attorney General race

The third-place finisher in the Republican primary for Mississippi attorney general is endorsing a candidate still in the race.

State Rep. Mark Baker said in a statement Monday he’s supporting Andy Taggart, who faces Lynn Fitch in the Aug. 27 runoff.

Fitch is an attorney who is in her second term as state treasurer.


Reeves commits to 13th Check


WJTV – Bill Waller Jr., Tate Reeves to debate on WJTV

Petal Mayor Marx backs Reeves for Governor


HATTIESBURG AMERICAN – Robert Foster to make endorsement in Reeves-Waller governor primary runoff

First-term state lawmaker Robert Foster had a major impact on Tuesday’s Republican governor primary, finishing in third place with a double-digit vote percentage against better-known, well-funded candidates.

He’ll continue to have an impact.

On Tuesday he’ll announce his endorsement of either Tate Reeves or Bill Waller Jr. in their Aug. 27 runoff for the GOP primary.

He would not say which on Monday, but the Waller campaign on Monday announced three press conferences for Tuesday “to announce a major endorsement for his campaign” in Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Jackson.


YP – Exceed Mississippi PAC run off dark money by Jim Hood insiders targeting Tate Reeves

In recent weeks, Attorney General Jim Hood has been giving off the political vibe that he would almost rather see Reeves in a general election instead of Bill Waller.  But new details have come to light that a PAC run by Hood’s three time campaign manager, Jonathan Compretta, has been steadily trying to undermine Reeves.

The group, Exceed Mississippi PAC, was formed just prior to the runoff. Its primary agent is Jonathan Compretta, who served as the campaign manager for Attorney General Jim Hood in 2007, 2011, and 2015. He works at the Mike Moore Law Firm, another longtime ally of Jim Hood which has made millions off of work associated with the AG Jim Hood’s office.

The veneer of the PAC is something along the lines of “policy not politics,” but it in fact is being run by one of the most partisan people on the Mississippi political landscape today and is being fueled by dark money.  Maybe only coincidentally, the PAC shares an coworking space with Chism Strategies, a Democratic firm that is also doing work on behalf of Jim Hood in this election.

YP – Hood yet to endorse anyone – including Democrat Jennifer Riley-Collins


WCBI – MS Legislature requires all school districts to conduct active shooter drill

House Bill 1283 requires students and staff to have an action plan. Mass shootings have become too common and hard to talk about, but having a solid plan could save your life.

It seems like every school year there are new codes, policies, and drills.

This year, Mississippi legislators enforced “Mississippi School Safety Act of 2019”, which requires all Mississippi schools to conduct an active shooter drill.

CLARION LEDGER – Audit finds ‘alarming business practices,’ credit spending at Hinds County School District

Mississippi Republican State Auditor Shad White speaksMississippi Auditor Shad White reported his office discovered “alarming business practices” at the Hinds County School District — including a lack of spending oversight and an assistant superintendent who racked up nearly $50,000 in “improper expenditures.”

White’s office said Monday the findings resulted from a routine audit, one of several it is conducting on school districts. The fiscal year 2019 review found unapproved credit card spending, bank accounts that had not been reconciled in nearly a year and credit card spending records that “were destroyed before they were reviewed.”

“This uncontrolled and unlawful administrative spending is not acceptable,” White said in a statement. “It shortchanges teachers and students. It’s not fair for taxpayers. They all have a right to be angry about this kind of administrative spending. It results in money going outside the classroom and it violates our spending laws. I expect the district to take swift action to make sure this stops.”

Wicker calls attention to Hong Kong protestors


WLOX – Some undocumented immigrants involved in Mississippi ICE raids allegedly stole American citizens’ identities

Some undocumented immigrants involved in Mississippi ICE raids allegedly stole American citizens’ identities

As a person, U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst understands the humanity of those affected by the ICE raids of last week.

“They’re children of God in my view, so we have to make sure and do everything we can to help them. And if they break the law, we’re going to enforce them, but that doesn’t mean we hate them or we’re mad at them somehow,” Hurst said…

…“Folks have problems with our immigration laws,” he said. “But that’s for them to take up with congress. That’s not for taking up with law enforcement.”

In many cases, the undocumented immigrants involved in last week’s raids were allegedly working under the identities of real American citizens.

WJTV – Homeland Security Chairman reacts to raids in his home district, says focus needs to be on employers

Congressman Palazzo pleased to see LEGION Act signed by President


WXXV – Legislative luncheon with Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

Gov. Bryant declares Hurricane Camille 50th Anniversary Commemoration Week


WTVA – Lafayette school district stops using corporal punishment

A Mississippi school district that voted over the summer to eliminate corporal punishment from its discipline policy has finally removed it.

The Oxford Eagle reports the punishment was erased from the Lafayette County School District’s policy during a board meeting last week.

Assistant Superintendent Patrick Robinson initially requested to consider the removal in June. Robinson told the school board then that administrators felt corporal punishment was ineffective and were concerned about possible legal issues. One such issue is that corporal punishment can’t be used on certain students with disabilities.