Headed to the ballot to face off against Democrat Jennifer Riley Collins for Attorney General is Republican Lynn Fitch.

The race for the seat in the runoff was a close one, potentially closer than anticipated from Fitch’s lead in the Primary. The two candidates stayed neck and neck thought the evening as votes rolled in.

How we got here: 

In the Primary, Lynn left with 44% of the vote and Taggart beat out Baker with 28% over Bakers 27%. Leaving the Primary, Baker was quick to put his support behind the longtime attorney and political advisor.

Both Fitch and Taggart see a need for the state’s Attorney General to be the primary defender of those that are most vulnerable. Taggart takes a strong stance on the fight against substance abuse. He is also the only candidate who has spoken out directly about his desire to see the state flag changed.

Fitch also supported a strong stance on crime, the support of law enforcement and the fight against substance abuse. She also hopes to tackle and prosecute fraud.

Current Attorney General Jim Hood never came out in support of a candidate, including that of the Democratic party but it was often rumored that he was in favor of Fitch taking the spot. Several of Taggart’s campaign ads addressed this idea claiming Fitch was ‘hand picked’ by Hood.