According to reports by the Hinds County GOP Chairman Pete Perry there have been issues with voters voting in today’s Republican runoff who initially voted in the August 6 Democratic Primary.

Perry told the Clarion Ledger the first issue he was made aware of was at Casey Elementary. A poll worker who voted in the Democratic Primary was able to cast a ballot in the Republican runoff this morning.

Polling machines used in primary or primary runoff elections are not managed by the Secretary of States office, but are the responsibility of the parties.

Perry said that the “party lock” on the electronic poll books was not working properly and allowed for the voting error. The local election commission and their voting machine contractor had not synced up on the issue.  Once alerted of the issue, Perry said a technician was sent to the location to address the issue.  Perry furthermore indicated that all potentially affected precincts have since been contacted and now know what to look for to prevent the issue going forward as of about noon today.

Mississippi still functions as a closed primary state, but does not requisite party registration by voters.