Polling machine malfunctions have been reported today since voting began statewide at 7:00 a.m. for the runoff election.

According to a Facebook video posted by Sally Kate Walker, some of the digital polls are not allowing for voters to select Bill Waller Jr. for governor, and defaulting to Tate Reeves. The voting machine in question is located at the Burgess precinct in Oxford.

In the video you can see the voter clicking Waller’s name several times, only for the ‘X’ to automatically be changed to Reeves. The person filming says “It’s not letting me vote for who I want to.”

“Our Office was made aware this morning that one (1) TSX machine was malfunctioning in the Republican Primary at the Burgess precinct in Lafayette County.  We contacted the county.  The county dispatched a technician to the precinct and the tablet is being replaced.  To our knowledge, only one (1) machine was malfunctioning.  Apparently 19 votes were cast prior to the error being detected,” said Anna Moak, spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office.

Moak reiterated that their office does not run party primaries.  Additionally, TSX machines are county-owned and it is the responsibility of the parties in the primary election to test the machines.”