Today on Facebook, 3rd place finisher in the GOP gubernatorial primary, Robert Foster, committed to supporting the Republican nominee, Tate Reeves.

‪I am a Conservative Republican, Jim Hood has never been an option for me. I will be supporting the Republican nominee…

Posted by Robert Foster on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Saying that he could never support the Democrat nominee, Jim Hood, Foster doubled down on his own conservative bona fides.

After placing third with 66,000 votes in the statewide primary, he enthusiastically threw his support to Judge Bill Waller.  Reeves still beat Waller 54/46 in Tuesday’s runoff election.  In Foster’s home county of Desoto where Foster garnered 10,536 of the 21,757 votes cast in the August 6 primary, Reeves won the runoff with 53.82% of the vote (up from 39.44% in the primary).  Waller, with Foster’s support, finished with 46.18% of the vote up from 12.13% in the primary.

To date, Waller has not signaled his endorsement of Reeves.  However, most Republican insiders see a Waller endorsement of Reeves as just a matter of time given Waller’s speech on the eve of the runoff touting the importance of a Republican governor.

Bill Waller on the importance of MS having a Republican Governor

Will Bill Waller endorse Tate Reeves in his race against Democrat Jim Hood For Governor in the coming days as most Mississippi Republican Party insiders are predicting? Here's Waller on election eve talking about the importance of Mississippi electing a Republican Governor . #mselex

Posted by YallPolitics on Wednesday, August 28, 2019