WLBT – Mississippi Governor’s race heats up with GOP runoff complete

Mississippi Governor’s race heats up with GOP runoff complete

With the Republican nomination secured, Tate Reeves is continuing down the path he started with targeting Jim Hood.

“The national democrats and their liberal allies have lined up behind Jim Hood,” said Reeves Tuesday night after the race was called. “The conservative people in Mississippi have lined up behind me. So, there will be a very stark contrast in this general election and I look forward to having that conversation.”

Democrat Jim Hood says all Reeves is doing is trying to throw out labels to scare voters.

“We had a judge going against him the first time,” noted Hood. “But you’ve got a prosecutor this time. And I’m going to carry these issues to the people in Mississippi just like I would a jury. And they’re going to get the facts.”

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WTOK – Mississippi appeals court judge nominated to federal bench

Mississippi Court of Appeals Judge Cory Wilson is being nominated for a federal judgeship.

Wilson joined the court in February after being appointed by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant. Before that, Wilson was a first-term Republican member of the Mississippi House.

U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is nominating Wilson to become a U.S. district judge for the southern half of Mississippi. Wicker supports the nomination.

It was not immediately clear which vacancy Wilson would fill.

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WLOX – Lennep not ready to concede after affidavit count shows Jeremy England as District 51 winner

Lennep not ready to concede after affidavit count shows Jeremy England as District 51 winner Wednesday morning’s count of the affidavit ballots in the District 51 Senate race shows Jeremy England beating out Wayne Lennep by just 38 votes. But Lennep told WLOX News he’s not prepared to concede the race.

The count was completed just after noon, giving England 3,858 votes and Lennep 3,820.

“I am still in discussions with my advisers because we have heard from voters about problems with ballots at some precincts. There may be more work to do, up to and including a possible request for a re-count. We are still reviewing information and our options,” Lennep said. “So it’s a problem apparently where we have the shared precincts, where both people inside of 51 and outside of 51 vote at the same place. Maybe some ballots getting mixed up, not sure.”

WLOX – Ole Miss announces plan to relocate Confederate statue

Ole Miss announces plan to relocate Confederate statueThe University of Mississippi is moving forward with the relocation of a Confederate statue on campus.

Ole Miss Interim Chancellor Larry Sparks sent an email to students, faculty and staff Wednesday afternoon detailing the next steps for moving the statue from the center of campus to the Confederate cemetery on campus, calling it “a more suitable location.”

Earlier this year, the student Senate voted unanimously to move the statue to the cemetery.

In Sparks’ email, he says they’re awaiting a decision by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. If approved, they’ll submit their relocation plan to the Institutions of Higher Learning and hire a contractor to perform the work.