Since the Primary runoff the Republican and Democratic parties have their gubernatorial candidates in Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and Attorney General Jim Hood.

There have been two debates between the candidates running for the GOP nomination when Robert Foster and Bill Waller were both still in the race. The question now is whether or not the two party nominations will spar before the election in November.

Both of the candidates have since been in public stating that they would in-fact be up for a debate.

“Bring it on. Tate is looking forward to debating Jim Hood on his liberal policy ideas. He’s gone out on several limbs to shill for liberal positions on taxes, government healthcare, and more. Voters will get a chance to hear about them many times over the next two months,” said Parker Biden, a spokesperson for the campaign.

“I’m ready anytime, anywhere,” said Jim Hood.┬áIn an interview with reporters last Wednesday Hood reiterated that he would like to have three debates with Reeves prior to the November 5 election.

(Comments made at 7:00 in video)

“I want one in Tupelo or North Mississippi, here in the Jackson area, and on the coast,” said Hood. He said he wanted a panel of media members who will call out the facts when statements are made.

It is unclear when and where these debates could happen. Stay tuned for updates as those decisions are mad.e