The extremely contested Senate District 50 race will likely head to a re-election of split precincts.

The Republican Executive Committee considered the action after controversy over the race between Scott DeLano and Dixie Newman. The committee received information from the Clerk’s office that some voters received incorrect ballots. With that, the outcome of the August 6th election declaring Newman the winner could have been different.

In a Facebook post, DeLano, the candidate who has pushed for the Committee to look into the race said he and Newman have agreed to re-voting in the five split precincts.

“The actions of today will require a petition to the court and a special judge will have to be appointed. The date of a special election will be determined after the court hearing,” said DeLano.

A recount of the votes was initially done August 24, in which 6,000 votes were hand counted and inspected. The person who wins the re-vote will not be contested in November, sending them straight to the seat.