Reeves: Hood says effort to defund abortion providers is “stupid”


WLOX – Jim Hood sounds off on what he calls ‘lies’ by Tate Reeves

Jim Hood sounds off on what he calls ‘lies’ by Tate ReevesHood said, “I don’t blame Justice Waller for not endorsing Tate Reeves for just lying. One of the Ten Commandments is ‘Thou should not bear false witness.’ You know when you know it’s not the truth and you do it anyway, that just shows a politician that doesn’t deserve to be a leader and I think that’s what Justice Waller is looking at and I think his silence on that non-endorsement of a Lt. Governor, I think a lot of his people are gonna come over and help us in our election.”

Hood believes because of the attacks against the former Chief Justice during the campaign by Reeves, many Waller supporters will vote for him or support him with campaign contributions.

Hood says he is hearing from a lot of them.

Hood rolls out ‘I told you so’ on mental health following ruling


WLBT – Petition with over 100,000 signatures to legalize medical marijuana in Miss. submitted to Secretary of State’s office

Petition with over 100,000 signatures to legalize medical marijuana in Miss. submitted to Secretary of State’s officeOver 100,000 certified signatures have been submitted to the Secretary of State’s office in an effort to legalize marijuana.

Mississippians for Compassionate Care submitted 105,686 signatures as required by the Mississippi Constitution to qualify Initiative 65, also known as Medical Marijuana 2020 to appear on the ballot for Mississippians to vote on during the November 2020 election.

This does not guarantee the initiative will appear on the ballot; the signatures but first be reviewed by the Secretary of State, who then determines if the initiative qualifies for the ballot.

WLOX – Congressman Palazzo: ‘61% of my constituents oppose new gun laws’

Congressman Palazzo: ‘61% of my constituents oppose new gun laws’

When Congress returns next week, gun control will likely be a lightning rod issue.

Fourth District Rep. Stephen Palazzo, on the Gulf Coast speaking to the Gautier Rotary Club, talked about a survey he put out this week asking his constituents, “Do you support new gun control legislation?”

“In the district, we had about 1,700 respondents. 61% of them said we don’t want any form of gun control. 35% said yes; 4% said they’re unsure,” Palazzo said.

Palazzo said when Congress returns next week from recess, he expects Democrats in the House to make several proposals.

CLARION LEDGER – State Rep. Chris Brown: Saying yes to Medicaid means saying no to expansion

State Rep. Chris BrownMany people don’t seem to realize that the Obamacare Medicaid expansion is an optional program aimed at giving Medicaid to one group: able-bodied working-age adults. Some of these people are working, but many of them are not. Just because a person is of “working age” does not mean that that person is actually working. Sadly, in America, we often enable people who could work to avoid getting a job by spending a lifetime on welfare. A few years ago, I led the way in passing legislation that encourages able-bodied working-age adults on food stamps to get a job after three months. Because of federal regulations, we can’t do that with Medicaid. As a result, more than half of Medicaid expansion enrollees nationwide are not working.

Mississippi Medicaid already provides 12 months of transitional assistance to people who increase their income enough to get off of Medicaid. Isn’t a year of no-cost insurance sufficient to help able-bodied adults transition to purchasing their own insurance, including the subsidized insurance available on the Obamacare exchange? Expanding Medicaid to able-bodied adults sends the message that we don’t really expect these folks to work. It also enables employers to skirt their responsibility to provide a fair benefits package to employees…

…In addition, hospitals often complain that Medicaid underpays, as compared to Medicare or private insurance. This dilemma is only going to get worse because Medicaid rates are tied to Medicare rates, and Obamacare put the brakes on Medicare reimbursement rates in order to pay for Medicaid expansion. Expanding Medicaid will create a new clientele of underpaying patients. The result is that, even in states that have expanded Medicaid, hospitals are shifting more of their costs to commercial customers – i.e., people with private insurance.

Gov. Bryant pleased with MS Supreme Court ruling on charter schools


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Congressman Thompson hosts domestic terrorism roundtable in Pittsburgh


Gov. Bryant participates in Southaven groundbreaking for Spectra Labs


WLOX – Mississippi coalition makes renewed push for win in grocery stores

Mississippi coalition makes renewed push for wine in grocery stores

You won’t find your favorite wine on Mississippi grocery shelves. But you can in 38 other states. The Looking for Wine? coalition is attempting to change that.

“In grocery stores right now, what you will see are beer and light wine that’s below five percent,” explained coalition chair Elliott Flaggs. What the retail grocers would like to sell is what I call real wine which is above five percent. Most of your wines are anywhere between 10-20 percent.”

Convenience for shoppers is the first selling point. But the coalition also argues it could bump money coming into the state, citing a Mississippi State business school economic impact study from a few years ago.