Tate Reeves released his first ad of the general election. The 30-second statewide spot references the work that Reeves has done to limit government spending and lower taxes. Throughout his time in office, Reeves has been known as a budget hawk who carefully watches the taxpayer’s money.

“Special interests haven’t liked it, but we’ve stopped spending taxpayer money that we don’t have to keep them happy,” said Tate Reeves. “We’ve cut taxes to grow jobs and put the brakes on government debt. It wasn’t always easy, but it is the right thing to do.”

In the video Reeves talks about his decision making as Lt. Governor to decrease state debt and cut taxes and the impact it had on Mississippi businesses.

“Mississippi’s got less debt today than it did when I got elected, first time in history. More of our people are working than ever before,” said Reeves in the ad.


Reeves: When I put the brakes on state debt, this place went nuts. 
Narrator: “Tate Reeves stood up to the big spenders.”
Reeves: And when I cut taxes, places like this went nuts… hiring thousands more workers.
Narrator: “Tate Reeves stands on principle.”
Reeves: Mississippi’s got less debt today than when I got elected, for the first time in history. More of our people are working than ever before. We can make history when we make the tough calls. And that’s what I do.