On Tuesday a judge ruled in favor of a revote for five split precincts in the race for the Senate seat in Senate District 50. The lawsuit was filed by one of the candidates, Scott DeLano.

The original vote put Dixie Newman in the lead by only one vote after what was called a “magic thumb drive” appeared at the last moments of votes being tallied. However, the Harrison County Circuit Clerk set the record straight, saying there was no such device and “every citizen who lawfully voted, had their vote counted and it was verified.”

Even with that statement in hand, the Republican Executive Committee decided on September 4 that there could be cause for a re-vote in split precincts. According to a statement from DeLano at the time, “The Republican Executive Committee additionally received information from the Clerk’s office acknowledging some voters received incorrect ballots.”

“We are not surprised the Judge ordered a new election.  The importance of the will of the people being heard and every vote count is of the up most importance. We feel optimistic since we won the election, we won the recount, and now we look forward to winning again. Anything is possible with God on your side,” said Dixie Newman.

DeLano made a new statement on his Facebook page concerning the ruling.

In the decision made on Tuesday the Court declared that the proclamation putting Dixie Newman as the winner of the SD 50 race be set aside and gave provision for a special election to be held splitting the precincts into: Saucier, New Hope, Howard Creek, Margaret Shery, Biloxi #11.

The votes from the original election will stand as counted and the special election votes will be added in addition. It is up to the Governor to decide on a date for the special election.

Delano Case by yallpolitics on Scribd