WDAM – Former FL governor Jeb Bush coming to Mississippi to raise money for Tate Reeves

Former FL governor Jeb Bush coming to Mississippi to raise money for Tate ReevesAccording to WTVA, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will come to North Mississippi in October to help raise money for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves.

The Lee County Republican Party said Bush, a 2016 presidential candidate, will appear October 1 at a lunch fundraiser at the Belden home of Brandi and Gentry Long.

THE HILL – Democratic Mississippi AG investigates his GOP rival in governor’s race

Hosemann releases new ad for Lt. Governor

WLOX – Judge orders partial re-vote in District 50 Senate race

Judge orders partial re-vote in District 50 Senate raceA special circuit court judge ordered a partial re-vote for the District 50 Senate seat race between Dixie Newman and Scott DeLano Tuesday.

Voters in the following precincts will recast their ballots:

  • Saucier
  • New Hope
  • Howard Creek
  • Margaret Sherry
  • Biloxi #11 at the Donald Snyder Center

The date for the re-vote will be set by the Governor’s office and will not be on the same day as the General Election in November. The original votes from the other 11 precincts will remain the same.

WAPT – Letter grades rise in Mississippi’s school rating system

ClassroomMississippi’s public school districts and schools showed broad improvement under the state’s A to F grading system in 2018-2019.

The number of A-rated districts rose from 18 to 31 in data published Tuesday, while the number of districts earning a C, D or F rating fell…

…At least 10 districts scored an F for the second time in three years, making them eligible for a special state-controlled district for troubled schools.

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WXXV – Deadline to register to vote approaches

Wicker, Hyde-Smith announce firefighter grants


WLOX – Senate candidate Wayne Lennep will not contest election, calls for election reform

Jeremy England, pictured left, inched ahead in the District 51 State Senate race, beating Moss Point alderman Wayne Lennep by 38 votes.State Senate candidate Wayne Lennep, who ran against Senator-elect Jeremy England in Jackson County’s District 51 race, will not challenge the election results, he announced Tuesday…

…“There were problems in the primary election similar to those experienced in our neighboring senate district 50 where voters received the incorrect ballots,” Lennep said in a Facebook post. “The biggest problems seemed to have been that some who lived outside of district 51 were allowed to vote in the district 51 primary election. Even though many of these errors were corrected for the runoff, this caused much confusion and frustration among voters. Even in the runoff, we received reports of some voters receiving incorrect ballots.”

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THE HILL – Congressman Bennie Thompson: We need the full picture on domestic terrorism

As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, I have a responsibility to hold the administration accountable when it fails to level with the American people. That’s why I introduced legislation—H.R. 3106, the Domestic and International Terrorism DATA Act—to pull back the curtain from the full picture of terrorism in the United States.

This bill, which was approved on a bipartisan basis in committee and is expected to be before the full House in the fall, would require the FBI, Justice Department, and DHS to publish an annual public report on terrorism. These agencies would be required to tell us about domestic and international terrorist incidents. They’d also have to share information on how the government is keeping us safe. We need to know how many staff are on the job—and how many terrorism-related investigations, indictments, prosecutions, and convictions there have been.

H.R. 3106 would also task DHS with researching the transnational aspects of domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorists, like white supremacist extremists, rarely act in a vacuum. From the United States to New Zealand to Norway, networks of extremists—facilitated by anything-goes social media platforms like 8chan—inspire each other to violence.

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CLARION LEDGER – Sid Salter: Accuracy of 2020 Census will determine available federal dollars in Mississippi

Sid SalterWhy does the 2020 Census matter and particularly why does it matter in Mississippi? Despite significant recent economic growth, Mississippi remains saddled with the status as the poorest state in the union based on median income and poverty rates.

That means that the federal census determines how much Mississippi’s share of over half a trillion dollars will be after the counting is completed. The more Mississippians not counted, the less federal funds our state receives for roads and bridges, public healthcare such as Medicaid and Medicare, Pell Grants, Head Start, public housing, food stamps and a host of other federal spending programs that are population driven. The state drew down $10.1 billion in FY 2016.

Is Mississippi concerned about the outcome of the 2020 Census? Apparently so. On August 7, Gov. Phil Bryant created the Mississippi Complete Count Committee through executive order. In that order, it is plainly stated that: “it is essential that accurate data be collected from all Mississippians, including groups of people who have typically been underrepresented, including many young children, low-income individuals, military personnel, non-native English speakers, minorities, residents in newly-constructed developments, and rural residents.”