Democratic nominee for Attorney General, Jennifer Riley Collins took to social media to ask ‘why’ to current Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood; Why he hasn’t endorsed her for the position?

When asked why she made the post, Riley Collins responded, “My statement simply is a call for voters to ask the question “why?”. That is a question for Jim Hood to answer to those voters he is counting on to win his race”

“Given my credentials and experience, I wonder why the Democratic nominee for Governor and current Attorney General appears to be working to get my Republican opponent elected,” said Riley Collins at the start of her Facebook post.

Hood has been silent when it comes to his support of who will fill his seat in 2020. Both Collins and now his fellow gubernatorial independent opponent, Bob Hickingbottom, have openly said he has shown support for the Republican nominee, Lynn Fitch.

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Just weeks ago a the Neshoba County Fair, Hood again refused to make an endorsement in the race. He was asked by reporters after he spoke, if he would be making an endorsement in the race and he said “that he would be bipartisan in his support of candidates moving beyond the primary.”

A previous post by Riley Collins provoked another attempt to ask Hood for an endorsement. When Y’all Politics reached out, his campaign responded.

“As stated before, we have not endorsed anyone,” per the Hood campaign.