This morning, following Jim Hood’s final decision to skip the first Mississippi Governor’s debate scheduled for this coming Tuesday, Tate Reeves accepted another debate invitation in North Mississippi with WCBI on October 14th. This is the fifth debate invitation that Tate Reeves has accepted in this election—including two in the primary and three in the general election.

The sparing continues between Reeves and Hood on debate decisions.

Reeves participated in two statewide Republican primary debates.  There were no debates held in the Democrat primary for Hood to participate in.  But even before the Republican primary concluded, Democratic nominee Jim Hood requested three debates in North, Central, and South Mississippi. Hood’s preferred format was to have each to be an hour long, and later said that he would debate “anytime, anywhere.”

(Fast forward to 7:00)

Reeves accepted the first two proposed major media sponsored debates with WJTV in Central and North Mississippi—each an hour long. Hood later announced other debate dates, not including the first hour-long Central Mississippi debate in September. He also showed preference for a debate with WTVA in Tupelo.

The main contention between the two camps seems to be timing.

The Reeves camp has favored earlier debates, which could allow more time for media and campaigns to follow-on from anything said. The debates that Hood has shown interest in are closer to Election Day.

At this point, Reeves seems to have met Hood’s stated requirements for long debates in three Mississippi regions. Hood’s camp has yet to publicly respond to WCBI’s invitation.


UPDATE 1:55 P.M.

The Jim Hood camp has made his acceptance of the WCBI conditional on Reeves’ acceptance of other debates.  The Hood camp would provide no further clarification.