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WLOX – Gubernatorial candidates weigh in on vaping crisis

Gubernatorial candidates weigh in on vaping crisis“President Trump came out last week and I agree with him that we need to stop the vaping. I mean, it’s just tobacco all over again,” said Jim Hood, Mississippi Attorney General.

Hood proposed how he plans to help Mississippi confront the vaping problem if elected to the governor’s seat, Thursday.

Legislative bills and letters to e-cigarette vendors laid across the table showing efforts Hood said were shot down in the past…

…Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves’ campaign office sent a statement on the matter that reads:

“Tate believes that we must deal with this new issue in a way that protects the safety of our children. It will require some study and consideration to determine the best path forward—but we must always put the health of Mississippi’s kids first.”

WDAM – Delbert Hosemann discusses infrastructure plan during Pine Belt visit

Delbert Hosemann discusses infrastructure plan during Pine Belt visitSecretary of State Delbert Hosemann, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, was in the Pine Belt on Thursday visiting Dunn Road Builders in Petal. During his visit, Hosemann outlined his plans for boosting funds to repair the state’s ailing infrastructure on a county by county basis.

Under Hosemann’s plan, funds could be raised by giving each county the option to raise user fees on the price of gas and diesel. This fee would generally be between 2 and 6 cents per gallon and would be earmarked for specific repair work in that county.

The majority of county supervisors would vote to place the local option on the next general election ballot. The option would specify to voters the projects for which those funds would be used, and finally, after the projects are completed, the fee increase would end.

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