Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith attends a rally in Houston for Indian Prime Minister Modi. Hyde-Smith called the ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event an expression of unity and said that the Indian-American community is of the utmost importance.

According the news outlet, Republic TV, Hyde-Smith stated that this is the largest Indian-American event in history and that “history was being made with two influential leaders coming together in a first.”

You can watch the Republic TV interview with Hyde-Smith HERE.

“Just knowing that the two countries are together in cooperation can be pattered in many ways,” said Hyde-Smith. Republic TV asked if Hyde-Smith was expecting any announcements to be made in regards to the Indian-American relationship, she responded  adding that the two countries were strengthening their relationships at the moment.

“There could be announcements made. I am not privy to that. The President has not shared that with me,” said Hyde-Smith.

According to the article, Hyde-Smith responded positively when asked about relations between the two countries, since they were meeting together in Houston.

Cindy Hyde-Smith responded positively to the questions asked by Republic TV stating that the fact that the US and India were in Houston together exchanging dialogues shows that the two countries want to progress and they want to do it together.

The Senator, in conclusion, asserted that this event is more so of prosperity and strengthening of the relationships.