Today, Tate Reeves announced that he has received the endorsement of the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association. The association reviewed the records and policies of the candidates in the race for governor, concluding that Tate Reeves will be the champion for law enforcement that Mississippians deserve. As Lt. Governor, Tate Reeves has made support for law enforcement a priority—passing increased benefits after officers are killed in the line of duty and promoting state and local law enforcement.

“I am honored to receive the support of Mississippi’s law enforcement community,” said Tate Reeves. “As governor, I will always work to protect the safety of Mississippi families by backing the blue. These law enforcement officers do dangerous work on behalf of our citizens, and I am proud to stand behind them.”

Tate Reeves announced the endorsement following the NRA’s national police shooting competition in Mississippi. See photos from the event below and download B-roll here.

Tate Reeves Press Release