In the last week, Attorney General Jim Hood and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves have released more television ads in their race for governor on November 5.

The Jim Hood for Governor Campaign released its fourth television ad on September 18, about Jim’s plan to expand access to healthcare for working Mississippians. The ad is running statewide.



My grandfather practiced medicine in Chickasaw County in the 30s, 40s and 50s. 

Sometimes he got paid with chickens for delivering a baby.

Hospitals don’t take chickens anymore.

I’ll work with both parties to keep our rural hospitals open, cover 300,000 working people, and in the process create 9,000 jobs. 


The politicians who did nothing while healthcare costs skyrocketed won’t fix it. 

Jim Hood—better healthcare without more taxes. 


It’s not about politics. It’s about quality, affordable healthcare.



Then, Tate Reeves’ latest TV ad began running statewide over the weekend. The spot, titled Garage, highlights his opponent, Jim Hood’s, history of taking liberal positions and encourages voters to look “under the hood.” Hood supports large tax increases, dismantling tort reform for his trial lawyer friends, and vehemently opposed Mississippi’s “castle doctrine” law for self-defense.

Lawyer Jim Hood wants you to think he’s just a “good ol’ boy.” He loves to make commercials with dogs and trucks. But you’d better look under the hood. This Democrat’s calling for a big tax increase. Hood would turn back the clock and let trial lawyers file frivolous lawsuits. Hood even opposed the law guaranteeing your right to self-defense. No wonder Jim Hood’s against President Trump. When you look under the Hood, Jim’s just a good ol’ liberal.