Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Jay Hughes and Republican candidate Delbert Hosemann have both released new ads for the Lt. Governor race.

The Jay Hughes ad is entitled “Calloused Hands” and features Hughes discussing his families hard-working history, as well as his own. Hughes says his own experience with hard work equips him for the position he is running for.

“I’m Jay Hughes, I’m proud of my callouses and I’ll work just as hard as your next Lt. Governor,” said Hughes in the ad.

The Republican candidate, Delbert Hosemann also released a campaign ad recently entitled “Dorothy Returns”.

The ad features Delbert and Dorothy, playing on the longtime joke of how his name got butchered in a previous election by an elderly lady on a park bench.

“You have been busy! You have implemented voter ID and helped raise $1 billion for education, that’s why we’re here,” said Dorothy.

Hosemann said in the ad he hopes to build an educated workforce, raise teacher pay, and make government more efficient if elected.

Dorothy Returns: Lt. Governor Ad from Delbert Hosemann on Vimeo.