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WLBT – Southeastern Regional Opportunity Zone Summit highlights Mississippi’s story

Southeastern Regional Opportunity Zone Summit highlights Mississippi’s story

Whether it’s a run-down or overgrown property or a business on its last leg, Opportunity Zones create the chance for new life and, most importantly, new money to circulate back into those areas. And it’s something Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs jumped at the chance to utilize.

“Best economic tool to create vitality and, more importantly, to create more jobs and to save jobs,” said Mayor Flaggs.

Here’s how it works: federal tax breaks are offered to investors willing to redevelop under-served communities over the next ten years. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has traveled to Mississippi previously to see how communities like Vicksburg are using the incentives. He was back in Jackson Tuesday for the Southeastern Regional Opportunity Zone Summit.

“Spirit of generosity,” said Secretary Carson. “That’s something these opportunity zones are all about. We want to equip millions of Americans with skills of self-sufficiency so they can be better housed, better educated and better employed.”

WJTV – Thompson says Trump is “not concerned about the fact that he broke the law’; pushes impeachment

Thompson to hold hearings in Jackson on ICE raids


WTOK – Mississippi Lottery Corporation looking to hire

As the Mississippi Lottery Corporation moves closer to its launch date of having scratch-off tickets by Dec. 1, 2019, a few key positions still remain to be filled.

“We have a diverse staff of Mississippians and industry veterans,” said Tom Shaheen, MLC president. “Our staff originally started with just one person, me. We’ve grown to roughly 40 employees, but are still looking for enthusiastic, hard-working Mississippians to fill a variety of positions.”

Those interested should visit the MLC website for details.

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SUNHERALD – BILL MILLER: Casino industry has $4 billion impact in Mississippi

There’s an industry with a robust presence in every corner of Mississippi. It’s an industry providing Mississippians with a pathway to the middle class and beyond. It’s an industry contributing nearly $1 billion annually to local governments in the form of tax receipts and investments in roads and bridges, first responders and public schools. It’s an industry creating more than $4 billion in total economic impact across the state.

Over the last three decades, Mississippi’s commercial and tribal casinos and their suppliers have become part of the fabric of the Magnolia State. Most importantly, those casinos have become a critical building block to the state’s growing economy.

Every day more than 37,000 employees report as chefs, security guards, accountants, caterers, florists, meeting planners and more at not only 29 casino properties, but also the businesses and local vendors they support, from the Gulf Coast to the Delta. These properties and their devoted workforce build world-class entertainment experiences renowned across the U.S. and around the world.

WTOK – Philadelphia board of aldermen and mayor get raise for first time in years

WCBI – City leaders ban firearms during board meetings, Mayor considering legal action

In September, city leaders in Aberdeen implemented a new policy banning firearms from being brought inside board of aldermen meetings at City Hall.

This came after Aberdeen Mayor Maurice Howard conducted multiple meetings with his gun in his holster…

…Mayor Howard said the language is vague and does specify which firearms are and are not allowed.

However, during Tuesday’s board of aldermen meeting, Howard was not seen carrying his firearm.

The mayor said he carries his gun in a holster simply for safety reasons.

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