Earlier this week President Trump issued his “complete and total endorsement” of Tate Reeves for Governor of Mississippi.

In a time where Democrats are seeking to undermine this president and his America First policies because they still refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 election, it is critical for Republicans to unify. President Trump needs allies like Tate Reeves at the state level and not propagators of the Democrat’s extreme, democracy-denying agenda.

This is no doubt easier said than done. After a contentious primary where the Mississippi Republican voters were closely divided and having to endure a runoff, the majority of Mississippi Republicans cast their votes in support of our now statewide nominee: Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

In 2016, the Republican party went through a similar fight at the national level. The first of twelve debates and nine forums was held on August 6, 2015, in Cleveland, Ohio. What was undoubtedly a brutal primary process produced exactly what the party needed: an unapologetic fighter willing to take on the invisible forces that had forced Republicans to politely suffer years of continual disappointment.

President Trump has not only revived the Republican party, but he has also awakened a sense of unabashed patriotism from many Americans who had felt left-behind and long-ignored by the Obama Administration.  Tapping into these voters has created the solid core of President Trump’s support and is why his endorsement – even via tweet – can literally change the momentum of any election.

In 2019, Mississippi’s primary process has produced a formidable Republican candidate in a record setting way. Over 374, 000 registered Republicans turned out to vote in the first round of the primary and 326,000turned out for the run-off. This is the first Republican primary to attract over 300,000 voters and the first time Republicans outnumbered Democrats at the polls. In comparison, just over 290,000 Mississippians voted in the Democrat primary and Attorney General Jim Hood received less than 200,000.

In other words, when Mississippi Republicans unify, we are unstoppable.  This record-setting coalition is the means by which we can keep Mississippi on the strategic path forged by the Bryant Administration that has already produced new educational opportunities, jobs and prosperity all over the state. It’s vital Mississippi retain Republican leadership to keep this good work going.

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves has the aptitude, moral compass and most importantly, the courage to follow through with the vision he’s laid out on the campaign trail.  On November 5th the Trump bump will prove beneficial for Tate, the Republican party and all Mississippians who truly stand to benefit from a governor committed to creating an even better, more prosperous state.