The Jim Hood Campaign released another ad, slamming opponent Tate Reeves. The recent ad focuses on healthcare and how many of the states rural hospitals are at risk of closing. The ad asserts that Reeves “did nothing” for rural hospitals while serving as Lt. Governor.

Hood also outlines goals of his healthcare plan if elected governor would be to save rural hospitals, cover 300,000 working individuals and make healthcare more affordable.


Emergency rooms are closing all across Mississippi.

If a person needs an emergency room and it’s not open, it’s a matter of life and death.


Tate Reeves did nothing while rural hospitals closed.

And he sided with big drug companies, letting health care costs increase.

Leading Mississippi  Republicans and Jim Hood share the same plan to save rural hospitals, cover 300,000 working folks, make healthcare more affordable—without more taxes.


My job is to save lives.


As governor, my job will be to help you do just that.