In an article by the Daily Caller they found that most Republican senators refused to rule out voting to remove President Donald Trump from office in an impeachment trial over the Ukraine scandal when contacted by the Daily Caller this week.

The Daily Caller contacted all 53 Republican Senate offices Monday and Tuesday to ask if senators would rule out voting to remove Trump from office, and received a variety of responses–seven senators explicitly rejected impeachment in their statement.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s office responded simply, saying, “Senator Hyde-Smith does not support impeachment.”

The Caller again reached out to Hyde-Smith’s office Tuesday to ask if her decision was changed by U.S. diplomat William Taylor’s testimony Tuesday on Capitol Hill, to which the office responded, “No change.”

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker’s office responded to the Daily Caller by saying, “Senator Wicker does not support impeachment.”

Trump has come under additional fire the last few days when he said that the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry was a “lynching”

Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson took to social media with different opinions on the impeachment. He called the President a “racist” and “unfit to lead” through his Twitter account.

While the current president has received severe criticism for comparing the impeachment inquiry to a “lynching” by the Democratic Party, former Senator Joe Biden did the same thing during impeachment conversations about then President Bill Clinton:

Tuesday night, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) signed a letter to Chairman Adam Schiff requesting that key impeachment related documents be turned over to the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) after HFAC Republicans were denied access to the documents unless supervised by a House Intelligence Committee Democrat.

“It is outrageous and unjustifiable to deny us those basic documents, which are critical to our ability to meaningfully prepare for and participate in this investigation,” the letter states.  “We require the same access to the same documents in the same format, as is enjoyed by you and your staff.”