In a new ad by Jim Hood’s campaign he goes after security and travel expenses spent by the Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. He makes mention of his personal body guard, state security vehicle and state airplane.

In the ad, Hood alleges that Reeves has spent over $400,000 taxpayer dollars on these security measures. It even pokes fun at Reeves taking a security guard with him on a personal fishing trip in the Gulf.

It was uncovered earlier this year that Hood has his own taxpayer expenses, with an office in Houston Mississippi that cost on average $100,000 yearly.

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Traveling Tate Reeves….
a state limo,
a state plane,
a taxpayer paid junket to a rock concert
and Mardi Gras.
Reeves even had a state trooper guard him on a Louisiana fishing boat—at taxpayers’ expense.
Like someone is going to come out of the Gulf and get him.

I bait my own hook. Carry my own gun. And drive my own truck.
Our state troopers shouldn’t have to be out hauling politicians on vacation.
They should be protecting you. As governor, I’ll work for you.