Today, Tate Reeves launched a new statewide advertisement on gun rights, which highlights Jim Hood’s pattern of siding with liberal Democrats on this vital issue.

Mississippi’s Castle Doctrine law states that you have the right to defend your home by any force necessary. Hood opposed the law when it passed, but lied about his position on the Castle Doctrine in the WJTV debate in Hattiesburg. Hood traveled to Geneva, Switzerland in order to testify before the United Nations Human Rights Committee regarding the implementation of treaty obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. While there, he took the opportunity to trash Mississippi’s Castle Doctrine law. He also sat for an interview with ultra-liberal journalist Dan Rather—on the show Dan Rather Reports—where he accused Mississippians of supporting the law because it was “testosterone-induced” and a “get-out-of-jail-free card.”

“Jim Hood is lying to try to hide his record of opposing the right to self defense in Mississippi —just like he’s lied throughout this race. He vehemently opposed Mississippi’s self-defense protection and now he wants you not to believe your own eyes. See for yourself. It’s a pathetic attempt to deceive Mississippi voters,” said Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

Narrator: Where does Jim Hood stand on gun rights?

Hood: “I’m not against the castle doctrine.” (Gubernatorial Debate)

Narrator: That’s a lie. Hood even went to the United Nations to trash Mississippi’s castle doctrine law.

Hood: “Again, my name’s Jim Hood. I’m Attorney General of the state of Mississippi… They called them Stand Your Ground laws or Castle Doctrine laws, and in Mississippi, we didn’t need it.” (United Nations)

Narrator: Didn’t need it. Hood even helped liberal journalist Dan Rather trash Mississippi’s self-defense laws.

Dan Rather: “[Hood] parts company when it comes to the new Castle Doctrine law.”

Hood: “It was perhaps a testosterone-induced law.”

Narrator: Now, Jim Hood is proposing a new state gun control law.

WJTV: As governor, would you support a state law that would require background checks for all firearm sales?

Hood: As far as background checks, I think we should.

Narrator: You can’t trust Jim Hood on gun rights. That’s why the NRA endorses Tate Reeves. On November 5th, vote Tate Reeves for governor.

Tate Reeves Press Release