Today, Tate Reeves launched an ad highlighting Jim Hood’s persistent opposition to Donald Trump throughout his time in office. Hood sued the Trump administration, despite never suing President Obama, and supported the lawsuit against his border security measures. President Trump has endorsed Tate Reeves in the race for governor. Hood previously supported Hillary Clinton and would support the Democratic nominee for president against Trump in 2020.

“I believe that we must stand up to the liberals who are doing great damage to this country. Jim Hood is with them. He is totally against President Trump and conservative policies. He’s just another Democrat,” said Tate Reeves.

January 20, 2017. Donald Trump takes office and Democrats take to the street to demand he be removed from office. Ten days later, liberal Attorneys General went to court to block Trump’s agenda on border security. Jim Hood was with the liberals. Hood took Trump to court, but he refused to challenge Obama even one time. Now liberals are impeaching Trump. Do you stand with our president and Tate Reeves or with the liberals and Jim Hood? Mississippi, it’s time to choose.


Tate Reeves Campaign Press Release