Ahead of visit, Trump cuts ad for Reeves


WTVA – President Trump to hold campaign rally Friday in Tupelo 

DAILY JOURNAL – Political analysts weigh impact of Trump visit

County map of Attorney General Jim Hood's previous elections

J. Miles Coleman, the associate editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, thinks the decision to rally in Tupelo is rooted in the fact that the area is a majority white and was ancestrally Democratic, but is becoming more conservative.

Coleman, a native of New Orleans, has been watching the gubernatorial elections in Louisiana, Mississippi and Kentucky this year. He believes there are some comparisons between the races in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Hood won’t force a House vote if he doesn’t have plurality


WLBT – Statewide candidates make pitches to business leaders at MEC’s Hobnob event

Statewide candidates make pitches to business leaders at MEC’s Hobnob eventThe Mississippi Economic Council’s Hobnob has been bringing politicians and business leaders together for the last 18 years. But it takes on new meaning in statewide election years.

Most of the folks in attendance likely know how they plan to vote in five days. But they have a big megaphone in communities around the state and the candidates know that.

“The election is next Tuesday,” said Republican Tate Reeves. “Mississippi, it’s time to choose.”

“If you’ll listen to what I’ve got to say, it may make a difference in your economic future,” said Democrat Jim Hood.

Gov. Bryant: Unemployment has dropped nearly 70% since 2011


Congressman Thompson fully supports impeachment


NEWSMS – Mississippi delegation on House impeachment inquiry vote

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) voted against H. Res. 660, a bill that would authorize an impeachment inquiry within the House of Representatives. The resolution passed the House by 232-196. Palazzo released the following statement:

“The House has many other things we can be focused on besides a bogus impeachment inquiry. We’ve yet to pass appropriations for the upcoming fiscal year, the annual defense authorization act, or the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Instead, Democrats waste precious time to further their Liberal agenda of impeaching a successful president they disagree with. I do not support the illegitimate investigations and will continue standing against the bombastic attacks made against our duly elected President.”

Congressman Kelly votes no on impeachment


WTOK – Guest, Sewell react to House vote

Members of Congress from Mississippi and Alabama reacted to the near party line vote of 232-196 setting rules for the House impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Cong. Michael Guest (MS-03), a Republican, voted against the measure.

“It is apparent by the process the Democrats have proposed that they have no interest in transparency, fairness, or due process. Democrats have been focused on one goal since the day President Trump was elected, to impeach a president the American people democratically elected, regardless of the consequences,” said Guest. “In their mission, the Democrats have ignored the crisis on our border, they have neglected important trade agreements, and they have forgotten about our aging infrastructure. I urge my colleagues across the aisle to drop this political sham that is creating a schism across our nation so that we can address the issues that will create a brighter future for all Americans regardless of their political beliefs.”

Senators Wicker, Hyde-Smith issue statements on House impeachment inquiry


Bryant commends Jackson on service