Tate Reeves took the win over Democrat Jim Hood in the 2019 General Election after a long and heated campaign season. Following suit, all eight statewide positions were also filled by Republicans.  This cements Phil Bryant’s political legacy of turning all statewide elected officials and even the two regionally elected commissions to entirely under Republican control.

It was a Republican sweep of statewide offices; Delbert Hosemann as Lt. Governor, Michael Watson as Secretary of State, Lynn Fitch for Attorney General, David McRae as Treasurer, Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson, Shad White for Auditor, and Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney.  Margins for downticket races were R+16 through R+23.

For the Southern District Public Service Commission, Republican Dane Maxwell also took the win over Connie Moran. In a close race, Brent Bailey (R) pulled out ahead of Democrat De’Keither Stamps for the Central District seat.  Brandon Presley, the unopposed incumbent in the Northern District held onto his seat.  As a result, a majority of the Public Service Commission will be controlled by Republicans.

Joining incumbent Republican Tom King as a Transportation Commissioner, John Caldwell was elected to serve the Northern district. Fighting it out till the end over the Central District was Brandon Mayor Butch Lee and Senator Willie Simmons. In the end Democrat Willie Simmons took the win by a narrow margin.  However, the Transportation Commission, like the PSC, will be majority controlled by Republican officeholders.

We will deliver further analysis on legislative races and some of the dynamics of the vote totals in the statewide races in different reports.