Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Thursday objected to a unanimous consent motion to adopt a House background check bill passed in February.  The bill passed the US House 240-190, largely on party lines.  As a result of the parliamentary action, the bill remains alive and will now go through the regular committee process to be considered by the entire US Senate.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy led the charge to fast track the bill.

At about the same time Hyde-Smith was reading her prepared response, news of a school shooting in California became public causing many in the media to conflate the two events.

Her presumptive Democrat opponent in 2020, Mike Espy, pounced on the Hyde-Smith actions.

This past summer,  Hyde-Smith received scrutiny from Democrats and the media after she objected to similar fast tracking provisions from three Senate Democrat bills on election security.  Notwithstanding her objection to fast-track, all three bills are still alive and in the committee process.

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