CLARION LEDGER – Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith faces backlash for blocking expanded background checks on gun sales

At the same time Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith blocked a bill Thursday morning that would have expanded background checks on firearm purchases, news was unfolding about a deadly school shooting in California.

The House passed the bill in February, 240-190, largely on party lines. Eight Republicans supported the bill, and only two Democrats voted against it.

A Democratic senator attempted to bring the bill to a vote Thursday, but Hyde-Smith’s objection effectively killed the measure…

…Hyde-Smith spoke on the Senate floor, saying she blocked the bill because it was not bipartisan and it was being rushed to a vote.

“If I wanted to give my best friend’s son or grandson my hunting rifle, would we first have to appear before a licensed gun dealer and go through a lengthy and potentially expensive background check? This is my understanding,” Hyde-Smith said. “We have many questions like this. My constituents would like to have an opportunity to weigh in our measures like these which is why we can’t fast-track legislation that affects America’s Second Amendment rights.”

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Daily Wire contributor Elisha Krauss’ lecture was moved to the student union from the school’s Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics to avoid violating the center’s charter, which bars partisan political activity.

Journalism professor Curtis Wilkie, who runs the center, said the request to host Krauss came from a student with the Young Americans for Freedom, which Wilkie said supports the Republican Party. He said requests from both conservative and liberal organizations, including the Young Democrats, have been turned away for the same reasons.

Provost Noel Wilkin called Krauss to apologize.