Governor Tate Reeves

Monday Governor Elect Tate Reeves announced a new web portal being launched for individuals interested in jobs with the new administration on all levels.

Reeves said since the election he has been focused on what areas to tackle to continue moving the state forward, but is now shifting some focus to necessary staffing.

The website is

“The one thing I have learned serving in public office and also in the campaign is why all of those goals are critical and we can accomplish all of them we cannot do it alone,” said Reeves. “That is why we need talented people from all backgrounds. We need driven people with all levels of experience. From interns to executives.”

Reeves said if you care about the state and have a heart for service he wants you on his team. He encouraged potential employees to apply through the link above by uploading a formal intent to apply for the position as well as a resume.

“We are fortunate with Governor Bryant going out of office he leaves us in a good position with some extremely talented people,” said Reeves.

Reeves said there are potentially hundreds of opportunities for employment with the new administration taking effect in January. However, since Reeves is of the same party affiliation as Governor Bryant it is unlikely that significant amounts of turnover will happen.

“My expectation is that some of them will stay and some of them will go. In many instances that will be a decision made by them,” said Reeves. “It will not be similar to what I have seen where often times governor elects come in and there is mass, complete turn over.”

The only confirmed position Reeves has announced was earlier last week when former Chief of Staff to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, Brad White, was announced to lead the Transition Team for Reeves.