Today, State Auditor Shad White issued the results of an audit involving the payment of benefits and comp time improperly to MBN Director John Dowdy.

The report provided detailed analysis of processes involving comp time and expense compensation that were not followed by the MBN Director.

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White’s press release read in part . . .

“Mississippi law clearly defines the requirements to be considered a sworn law enforcement officer, and the executive director of MBN does not meet them. Law enforcement officers are required by law to meet the minimum qualifications set forth by the Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training. The Director is not certified by that board.

Auditors also determined the Director circumvented the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the internal controls designed to prevent unauthorized buy backs. The federal protections created by FLSA are not intended for highly paid managers and directors.

“The Auditor’s office must fairly enforce the laws around spending. Everyone—whether you are a clerk in a small town or a director of a large state agency—must follow those laws. Enforcing the law fairly is exactly what we are doing in this audit,” said State Auditor White.