According to results posted by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office today, Governor-elect Tate Reeves won 74 of Mississippi’s 122 House Districts.

Reeves won on election night with 51.91% of the vote to Hood’s 46.83% according to certified results from the Secretary of State released today.

Mississippi has a two part constitutional process to seat statewide elected officials.  Candidates must win a majority of votes and win a majority of the State House districts.  It’s been referred disparagingly as Mississippi’s “electoral junior college”.  If the two tests are not satisfied, it becomes subject to a vote of House members.

This process was the subject of a federal lawsuit filed by and organization led by Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder called Mississippi’s election process “racist”.


Mississippi’s black population is 37.3%.  Reeves share of the electoral vote was 61% and Hood’s was 39%.

The full results of the Secretary of State’s electoral tabulation is listed below for all eight statewide candidates

Electoral Vote Report SOS 2019 by yallpolitics on Scribd