Reeves keeps Michel as MEMA Director

WDAM – Chris McDaniel says Trump impeachment “pure politics”

Mississippi state senator and former U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel says the impeachment of president Donald Trump is “pure politics.”…

…”We know why (Nancy Pelosi) is doing this,” McDaniel said. “It’s pure partisanship, it’s pure politics.”

“(Impeachment is) not going to change a single vote,” McDaniel said. “They got their impeachment in the House, the Senate is going to acquit and (Trump is) going to be re-elected. It’s not going to change a single vote. Lets’ not get focused on the things that matter. Let’s make sure that Nancy Pelosi is placed in a position where she’s exposed for who she is. Let’s make sure Congress as a whole, is placed in that same position.”

Sen. Wicker calls Army/Navy game hand gesture discipline “utterly ridiculous”

WAPT – Judge suspended after complaint that he slapped clerk’s hand

A Mississippi judge has been suspended after complaints that he pushed a court clerk and slapped her hand.

Jefferson County Justice Court Judge Wendell Williams is also going without pay during the suspension.

The Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance received complaints that Williams also acted “impatient, rude and threatening” toward court staff and people in the courtroom.

The state Supreme Court ordered his suspension at the commission’s request.

WLBT – ‘Glorifying guns’: Jackson Councilman proposes ban on advertisements with weapons

Councilman Kenneth Stokes said the ad is glorifying guns and its a clear and present danger to the youth.

“Our children are our future. The images that we allow in our community can have a negative effect on young minds. We must fight for the health, welfare and safety of this next generation,” said Stokes.

Stokes plans to introduce an ordinance next year that would ban certain advertisements in the city.