On Friday Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith signed official documents at the Mississippi GOP headquarters, to run for reelection for her current seat in the U.S. Senate in 2020. Joined by a crowd of at least 100, Hyde-Smith signed her papers with her husband Michael and daughter Anna Michael at her back.

“Let me just say, I am so delighted to serve along Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. I am thrilled to death she is announcing her re-election campaign today,” said Senator Roger Wicker. He told the crowd that she is more than just a colleague, but also a teammate.

He remarked on their time together since she was appointed in 2018 and the accomplishments of Congress which include 133 District Court Judges on the Federal Bench, 50 Appeals Court Judges, and two Supreme Court Judges.

He introduced her as an ally to himself in pushing policies forward to cut taxes, reduce unemployment, improve the economy through job creation and strengthen the U.S. military.

While Governor Phil Bryant was not able to be present at the event, he sent a statement to be read by Senator Wicker.

“I am extremely grateful that Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has chosen to seek re-election. She has become a driving force for her beloved state of Mississippi and a leader who is respected and appreciated by all who know her, including one of her strongest supporters President Donald J. Trump. Her conservative values are reflective of her Christian principals and rural upbringing. In short, she is one of us, for all of us. I intend to work with all my determination to help re-elect Mississippi’s first woman to serve in Congress my friend and our Senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith.” 

Senator Hyde-Smith took the podium and thanked her staff and her family for their support since her appointment in 2018.

“You know since 2018 we made a lot of campaign promises. We got out there we campaigned, and we went to every corner of this state. We told you what we intended to do, and I think we stuck to that,” said Hyde-Smith.

She assured the public that while things look like they’re on pause due to the impeachment hearings, a lot has been accomplished.

“The very first bill I introduced was signed into law by the President of the United States this past march,” said Hyde-Smith. “It was included in the Natural Resources Management Bill.”

She said they have also been able to secure $2 billion more dollars for shipbuilding, a decision that had a direct impact on Mississippi business.

Hyde-Smith said she is back on the campaign tougher and stronger. While she never anticipated being in this position, she believes she is here for a reason.

“I think you can tell, I am ready for this campaign. I think you can tell I am ready for these impeachment hearings. We are ready to go do what the people of this state elected me to go do,” said Hyde-Smith. She asked for prayers from the crowd on the road ahead.

Officials in attendance included, former Governor Haley Barbour, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson, Lt. Governor-Elect Delbert Hosemann, Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, State Auditor Shad White, Treasurer-Elect David McRae, Former U.S. Congressman Gregg Harper, and former state chairman and Appeals Court Judge Jim Herring.