Drew Snyder, Director of the Division of Medicaid

Monday, Governor elect Tate Reeves announced that Drew Snyder has accepted his invitation to continue serving as Executive Director of the Division of Medicaid.

“His knowledge of the agency and his ability to navigate the complex regulations surrounding it are invaluable,” said Reeves. He said Snyder has stepped up to the challenge after being appointed by Bryant two years ago to the position. At the time he was the youngest state agency director in Mississippi.

“Drew has shown that Mississippi doesn’t need a bigger Medicaid program to have a better Medicaid program,” said Reeves. “I am truly honored to have your continued service to our state in leading the Division of Medicaid.”

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Snyder responded by saying he was honored for the placement and complimented Reeves’ leadership to ensure that Mississippi was headed in the right direction. He also took the time to thank the team at the Division of Medicaid as well as his wife.

“Medicaid’s footprint on the healthcare system and our system of government is so significant that everything we do has a large ripple effect on all Mississippians whether they are beneficiaries or not,” said Snyder. “So it is critical that not only does the Division of Medicaid continue to provide access to high quality care for beneficiaries, but we also continue to be mindful of how our decisions impact people outside the program.”

Snyder said these smart decisions are critical since despite a fiscal turn around for the state, sustainability for Medicaid is not guaranteed.

“Now is the time to promote sustainable transformation within Medicaid for the betterment of beneficiary health and the benefit of Mississippi’s economic health,” said Snyder.