In November, the nation watched in amazement and fear as Democrats flipped the Virginia State legislature from red to blue and a conservative governor in Kentucky lose to a democrat by just a few votes. We were stunned at how quickly the Democrat governors exposed their anti-gun anti-freedom agendas. The ink was barely dry on the election results when the assault began on law-abiding gun owners of their state.

The American Gun Owners Alliance list forty (40) anti-gun bills that have been proposed by the Virginia legislature for its 2020 session. Its governor has requested additional funds in his new budget to capture, prosecute and imprison gun owners who refuse to voluntarily give up their firearms. When asked how the gun confiscation plan would be enforced, Virginia Congressman Donald McEachin (D-VA) suggested the governor use the National Guard to go house-to-house confiscating firearms.

These latest assaults on gun owners and threats to our constitutional rights has prompted citizens and sheriffs in both Virginia and Kentucky to stand against these out- law politicians. Second Amendment sanctuary counties and cities have sprouted up in Illinois, a state with some of the strictest gun control laws, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington State. Local sheriffs around the country are making public statements that they will refuse to enforce any law that violates U.S. or State Constitutions.

In a recent Twitter post, Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie said:

“Attended my first 2A sanctuary meeting today in Lewis County (where I live). Standing room only. Friends and neighbors spoke passionately and articulately. County officials unanimously passed a resolution, This grassroots movement feels even stronger than the Tea Party in 2010.”

So, why is a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution needed in Mississippi?

You may ask yourself why such a resolution is needed in Mississippi? A state where every politician swears allegiance to the Second Amendment and proclaims themselves to be pro-gun. So, why should we insist they declare out counties and cities Second Amendment Sanctuaries?

First, this resolution is important because we, the citizens of Mississippi, want to show support for our fellow patriots across the nation. Government is trampling the rights of these fellow gun owners, who could face jail time for simply owning a firearm.

The point has been reached where government is willing to kill anyone who believes in our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. We must remain vigilant and prevent this from happening in Mississippi. By demanding our local governments to pass thisresolution, we are standing firm on our belief in our constitution and we are drawing a line in the sand that no government dare cross.

Secondly, passage of a second amendment sanctuary resolution guarantees support for our sheriffs and their efforts to protect our rights. If a situation should occur in Mississippi where anti-gun politicians attempt to confiscate our firearms, this resolution provides protection to sheriffs and law enforcement officers who refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws.

A county in Kentucky has already voted to fund their sheriff’s legal fees should he end up in a legal battle because of his refusal to enforce unconstitutional gun confiscation laws. It’s critical that the men and women who wear a badge in Mississippi know we will do the same for them.

This resolution solidifies our support for them, that we back them, and they will not lose their careers and their families will not be in danger if they support our constitutional rights.

Finally, we want to send a strong message to local and state officials that the citizens of Mississippi will fight to the very end to protect our constitutional rights. By attending a meeting of your county or city officials, by calling and emailing and demanding they declare your area a Second Amendment Sanctuary, you are standing strong with other patriots in defense or our freedom.

The Desoto County Board of Supervisors will be considering a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution during their January 21, 2020 meeting, as will several cities in the county.  My hope is our local leaders will stand strong for our Second Amendment rights.

The anti-gun, anti-freedom politicians have stirred a sleeping giant, and now that we are awake, we are ready to fight!

Dana Criswell is a Republican and is the State Representative from House District 6.