Bryant, Reeves file qualifying papers for President Trump to be on Mississippi ballot


SUNHERALD – Mississippi legislators starting their new 4-year term 

Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, right, confers with Republican Secretary of State-elect Michael Watson, at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss., Monday, Jan. 6, 2020. The start of the four-month long 2020 session of the state legislature begins at noon, Tuesday, Jan. 7. Watson, a former legislator, will be among several statewide elected officials that will be sworn into office on Thursday afternoon.

Mississippi lawmakers will be sworn in Tuesday to begin their four-year term with Republicans maintaining control of both the House and the Senate.

The opening day will be filled with formalities…

…Republican Tate Reeves is completing his second term as lieutenant governor, and he will preside over the 52-member Senate on Tuesday and Wednesday. The next lieutenant governor, Republican Delbert Hosemann, will be inaugurated Thursday, along with most other statewide elected officials. Reeves’ inauguration as governor is Jan. 14.

YP – Madison County hires Mike Espy as Board Attorney in split vote


WXXV – Mississippi Medicaid director staying in new administration

The incoming governor of Mississippi says he will keep the state’s Medicaid director. Republican Tate Reeves made the announcement Monday.

Drew Snyder has been in charge of Medicaid for the past two years under current Gov. Phil Bryant. Snyder is an attorney.

Reeves will be inaugurated as governor on Jan. 14.

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CLARION LEDGER – How Gov. Phil Bryant is quietly ending refugee resettlement in Mississippi

Gov. Phil Bryant has a week left in his term provide written consent to the U.S. State Department to continue refugee resettlement in Mississippi.

Under an executive order signed by Trump in September, states and localities are now required to provide written consent to the federal government if they want to continue accepting refugees.

It effectively ends all refugee resettlement, unless both states and cities opt in. A federal lawsuit could block the order, but many states and cities have already consented to accepting refugees.

Not Mississippi.

According to the U.S. State Department, Bryant has not provided that consent — and a crucial deadline for refugee resettlement is approaching this month.

WLOX – Gov. Bryant says blame falls on inmates for violence in state prisons, not his administration

Gov. Bryant says blame falls on inmates for violence in state prisons, not his administrationState officials argue they’re being as transparent as possible given the current investigation into the MDOC violence at Parchman and other prisons, but the public continues to launch questions via social media.

Governor Bryant has been providing updates on Twitter and faced cameras for the first time Monday. He says order has been restored, but questions linger about the state of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

“It’s easy to stand back and say what you ought to be doing when you’re managing a prison under these conditions,” explained Bryant. “It is a very difficult job to do.”

Governor Phil Bryant says the blame for the recent violence falls not on his administration or MDOC, but squarely on those behind bars.

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WLBT – Mississippi congressmen respond to rumors of “World War 3” and military draft

Reactions range from a retired general to the general public and most appear to support President Trump's decision.

Congressman Bennie Thompson tells WLBT, “What it’s done is it’s created a real uneasiness among a lot of members of congress as well as people here in the US because now people want to know, ‘Are we safe? Can I go about my daily activities?’”

While a draft is not in the works, it was ended in 1973, Congressman Bennie Thompson says he wants to hear a classified briefing on the circumstances that led to the assassination when he gets back to Washington…

…Congressman Michael Guest said, “I believe that if Iran chooses to take military action against either us or others in the Middle East, we are prepared to act decisively in that case and we are prepared to do everything we need to defend our interests in the Middle East.”

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NEWSMS – Congressman Guest officially launches re-election bid

Congressman Guest, who has served Mississippi’s Third Congressional District since January 2019, filed qualifying papers at state’s GOP headquarters in Jackson this afternoon as he launched his re-election bid. 

After signing the papers, Guest reflected on his first year in office and looked ahead to the future. The former Madison & Rankin County DA said Congress must continue to focus on comprehensive immigration reform, supporting law enforcement & military members, and more. 

WTOK – Gas prices on the rise in Mississippi

Gas prices in the state are higher than they were at this time last week, according to

The prices at the pumps in Mississippi have increased by 1.8 cents per gallon over the past week to an average of $2.28/gallon. Meanwhile, the average price for gas has declined nationally during the same time.